Can I use my four-wheeler to put in food plots?
Sure, providing you have enough power. There are a wide variety of food plot implements designed to be pulled behind ATV's.

Will Whitetail Institute food plot seeds grow in the North?
Yes, in fact, the Whitetail Institute tests all of its seed blends at the NorthCountry Whitetails Demo Center in Western NY.

Can I fertilize when my plants are already growing or up?
Yes, but it is preferable to do so when preparing the seedbed. If this is not possible or you miss this opportunity, you can fertilize when plants are 2 inches tall and just prior to a good rain.

How do I know when I need to fertilize again?
Generally, it's good to practice fertilization when seeding; however, a mid growth fertilization is often necessary. We watch our plots closely for color changes, from dark green to yellow or orange and dramatic signs of growth slow down. If there has been adequate rain these are usually signs of starving or “hungry” plants. A good fertilizer application will usually perk them up in a hurry.

Why don't you add nitrogen to clover based seed blends?
Clover has the ability to fix its own nitrogen; plus nitrogen stimulates grass and weed growth.

Can I mow my Brassica?
Yes, especially early in the season, but it's best to confine your mowing to control weeds as mowing will decrease the overall tonnage produced per acre, per year.

Can you put too much lime down?
Yes, even though a soil test may indicate that an application of lime is needed (4 tons), it 's best not to exceed 2-2.5 tons per seasonal application.

How do I plant no-till seed blends?
We wish we could say just spread and forget but we can't. Spreading seed over sod or covered ground is like starting a campfire with 20 dollar bills. Food plot establishment is directly proportional to food plot preparation. Bare dirt is essential and can be created with a combination of herbicides (to kill existing vegetation) and soil disturbing implements (rakes, roto-tillers, plows, discs, etc.) Once this is accomplished, seeds will have their best chance of survival and you will see the best possible results from your seed.

Can I apply chemicals when my plot is already growing?
Yes, species specific chemicals like Slay or Arrest, which kill most grasses and broadleafs, can be applied to help establish and maintain food plots. Be sure to know your species and herbicides well before attempting.

Where should I locate my food plots?
Food plots are best located where there is a history of strong vegetation growth. Barren areas are barren for a reason and are not good news for the aspiring food plot "farmer". Also, keep your food plots away from roadsides where deer become easy targets for poachers.

When do I apply RoundUp?
It is best to apply RoundUp when weeds are growing aggressively and have recently been cut. You can/ should then do another application 7-10 days prior to planting in order to kill the plant's root system.