What is covered in a site evaluation?
It varies per property. We cover all aspects of the property including available food, cover, and current hunting strategy. We then recommend how to improve these aspects as well as what will improve your overall hunting experience. At the same time, we will demonstrate and develop a plan of how to facilitate and obtain your specific hunting and habitat goals.

Where should I locate my food plots?
Food plots are best located where there is a history of strong vegetation growth. Barren areas are barren for a reason and are not good news for the aspiring food plot "farmer". Also, keep your food plots away from roadsides where deer become easy targets for poachers.

What about sanctuaries?
Sanctuaries are great management tools to help you keep deer “home”. They are especially important on small properties where serious consideration should be given to dedicating up to 50% of your land to sanctuary. However, for most properties we generally recommend at least 20%.

What is the best way to hold deer on my property?
Providing food and cover is a great start; combine that with low impact hunting, a couple of sanctuaries, and deer will stick around.

How can I create more cover on my property?
Wildlife biologists often state that a chainsaw is a deer's best friend. This is for good reason because cutting established stands of timber will create immediate cover in the tree tops now on the ground; at the same time allowing sun light to reach the forest floor stimulating growth of forbs, weeds, saplings browse, etc.