What's going on with NorthCountry's New Property Division?
In the past 10 years NorthCountry Whitetails has improved thousands of acres of deer hunting property. Though we own some of these deerscaped properties, the vast majority are managed by NCW for other landowners. We are currently offering a select few of our owned properties for sale to dedicated deer hunting enthusiasts who are willing to continue to develop and deerscape these amazing properties. Likewise, we are looking to buy additional properties for improvement. Call (315) 331-6959 for more details.

Where are the properties you are offering located?
The majority of the properties we are offering will be located in central and western New York. However, we also plan to offer properties in the new York City Metro, Boston, Philadelphia metro areas as well as parts of New Jersey and otherwise. We are in the process of evaluating properties on other states as time and other factors permit. Call us for a listing of what we currently offer or to let us know your specific needs.

What is a “turn-key” deerscaped property?
A “turn-key” deerscaped property is a property that is ready to be hunted. We evaluate everything about the property and do the majority of the work for you. We do most or all of the work to prepare the property for the new landowner to walk in and hunt. All properties will also include an owner's manual in the form of a NorthCountry Whitetails Management Plan- prescribed by Neil Dougherty himself.

Are all the properties finished?
No, some of the properties are deerscapes and progress. Understanding that there are a lot of “do-it-yourself” folks out there we will offer some properties that are not completed. As with every NorthCountry Property these properties will come with and NorthCountry Whitetails Management Plan- prescribed by Neil Dougherty. But, with these properties you can do the remainder of the work yourself or have us finish it for you. Either way, you have the pledge of NorthCountry Whitetails to help you produce the best quality habitat and hunting possible.

What size properties are you offering?
Small property management is our specialty. We like to describe small properties as those 500 acres and less. We are offering properties in the 100-500 acre range, but expect of have offerings both larger and smaller than that based upon the properties potential and location. Specifically, smaller parcels will be offered in locations close to New York City, Boston, Philadelphia and the New Jersey area.

What's different about a NorthCountry Whitetails Property?
1. We spend a great deal of time evaluating dozens of properties before even setting foot on one. We evaluate all properties to make sure they will offer what we consider to be world-class white-tailed deer hunting potential.

2. We know exactly what we are looking for in a property to offer that type of potential. We're not a real estate broker looking to close as many land deals as we can. Our goal is to offer the highest quality white-tailed deer hunting property available, anywhere. We do not promote land close to state forests, small lots with cabins or land that does not offer security and outstanding hunting potential.

3. We have started or completely finished making the property into a deerscape that will offer unparalleled hunting potential.

4. All of the NorthCountry Properties include a NorthCountry Whitetails Management Plan and out commitment to help you develop your property and use it to it's fullest potential.

Do you have any properties that have not been deeerscaped?
Occasionally, we offer a “wildlife” property, which while supporting deer has not been fully deerscaped for a various reasons. Often, these properties have outstanding wildlife diversity potential, but are not what we consider to offer the best possible deer hunting. However, overall they are the best-suited property for anyone interested in wing shooting, good deer hunting, bird watching or general wildlife viewing.