Buying a Deer Hunting Property - by Dr. Craig Dougherty

Buying a property for hunting, weekend retreats or for a kinder gentler lifestyle is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Recreational property is not only expensive; it also represents a lifestyle decision. An unsuccessful purchase can not only waste your money but more importantly, it can waste your time and be frustrating as well. Bottom line, it is not a decision to be taken lightly nor is it a decision to be made without the help of a professional, well acquainted with managing and developing hunting property.

NorthCountry Whitetails takes the guesswork out of buying hunting property. Unlike realtors and land developers who deal in high volumes of properties of every description, NorthCountry specializes in properties selected, and developed to provide exceptional deer hunting and wildlife viewing enjoyment. NorthCountry looks at dozens of properties before purchasing one for a project. We specialize in creating “Deerscapes™” with outstanding white-tailed deer hunting potential. Not every property is suitable. Not every property becomes one of our “Deerscaping” projects.

We avoid properties where the acreage is broken up by public roads or too visible from public roads. We look for solid well defined boundaries to help keep trespassers out and land owners in. We look for habitat diversity and lots of wildlife loving edge. We reject properties with too many fields and not enough cover or not enough open space and too much big woods with no food and cover. We look for properties with “good ground” that will support food plot plantings and the creation wildlife habitat. A good network of access roads and trails is always a plus as is a scenic spot for a cabin or hunting lodge.

And then there is the deer, always the deer. We look for neighbors who practice QDM or would at least be good neighbors for someone who did. We are partial to properties with natural sanctuaries or properties that can be modified to create sanctuaries. We look for thermal cover for winter protection and sunny exposures for early (and late) food plots for winter daytime activity.
We work only with properties that can hold dear and stay away from “wrong season” and “pass through properties”. We check the wind for hunting set ups and make sure the property can attract and hold mature deer. We stay away from low deer density regions and areas suspected of harboring deer disease like CWD. We take a look at local genetics and harvest data as well. All this before we even think about buying.

The real fun begins when we start the “Deerscaping” project. Boundaries are posted; access roads and trails established and out come the chainsaws, tractors and dozers. Cover is created; food plots are designed, built and planted. Wildlife ponds and sanctuaries are located and built while cover is created. By the end of year one the project is well on its way to becoming a whitetail Mecca. Wildlife and deer sightings increase almost immediately. Mature bucks regularly start showing up around year three of working with a habitat improvement and management plan. Most of our projects sell during our first year of working with them however, the work generally continues long after NorthCountry Whitetails turns their “baby' over to its new owners. We have worked with scores of landowners around the country and the story is pretty much the same. Every body having fun everybody getting results.

When you buy a NorthCountry Whitetails project you can rest easy that our team has spent dozens if not hundreds of hours on your location. From the selection process, through layout to performing the actual work, NorthCountry's professionals have been on top of the situation. We have worked all of the tough land ownership issues for you. When we turn over the keys it is ready to go. Each and every one of our project comes with a management plan put together for expressly for the new owner. We are available to help you implement the plan or, if you prefer, we can do the actual implementation it for you.

Professional realtors and recreational property developers sell property and most of them are pretty darn good at it. You can pretty much depend on them to show you all kinds of properties including the good, the bad, and the ugly and help you part with your hard earned money. This is their job; this is how they make their living. If you are persistent and have lots of time to spend, chances are you will find something you think is suitable in two or three years. You may or may not get your money's worth. You may or may not get a good deer hunting property. Sadly, you won't really know for two or three years or more. Why risk wasting your money and five years or more of your life?

NorthCountry Whitetails works differently. We work with the realtors or directly with those hard to find landowners to find that one property in 50 that is fairly priced and has outstanding potential. Then we convert it to the deer hunting property of your dreams. You buy it started, well on its way to becoming a finished project. It's done right and comes with a professionally developed management plan (kind of an owner's manual for property). You don't have to guess, wring your hands or worry. We are there at your side for as long as you need us. Our credentials speak for themselves. Simply stated we, are the best Deersapers in the country and we have the record to prove it. With North Country Whitetails it's not a question of getting your money's worth it's a question how much fun and enjoyment you can stand. It's really is a “no-brainer”.

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