Forget Comparables:  Think “Huntables” by Craig Dougherty

Deer management is site specific. Wildlife biologists agree on this as do experienced deer property managers. One property can have an outstanding population of whitetails with terrific hunting while another property ½ mile down the road can have terrible hunting. In other words all deer hunting properties are not created alike.

That’s why real estate comparables do not work in valuing whitetail hunting property. It’s easy for a realtor to value a home in a given neighborhood.  Basically they count the bedrooms, bathrooms, figure the square footage look up a few homes with similar characteristics that recently sold in the development and presto, they can pretty much approximate the value of a given home in a given location.

Not so with deer hunting properties. First of all, most property sellers are absolutely clueless about what separates a good deer property from a poor one. Appraisers and realtors usually don’t have the time to walk the property and see what is really there. Instead they compute the total acreage, list categories like “wooded”, “tillable”, count the ponds and call it done.  The rest is up to you; , and you Mr. and Mrs. Buyer had better beware!   

Few buyers know how to assess a deer hunting property’s hunting potential and worth. This is especially true when that potential is hidden under a tangle of brush or under six inches of sod in an overgrown field.  Most buyers don’t even look at the “neighborhood” with an eye toward poaching and trespassing issues.  Most buyers have difficulty visualizing what the potential of a property is when the property is “in the raw”. Most buyers are unfamiliar with the formulas used by North Country Whitetails for assessing a deer hunting property’s value. And sadly, most buyers are likely to overpay for their deer hunting property.

That’s where the experts at NorthCountry Whitetails come in. With over 200,000 acres of deer habitat under management, we know deer and deer hunting properties. We take the guesswork out of selecting a property and determining what it is actually worth. We have worked on and “deerscaped” more deer hunting acreage than the average seller or buyer has seen in a lifetime.

We only work with high quality properties. When evaluating a property’s worth we throw comparables “out the window” and think in terms of “huntables”.  “Huntable acres” to be exact”.  We don’t usually count large fields when tallying “huntable acres”.  Nor do we  consider impossible to climb hillsides or property boundaries lined with hostile neighbors all that “huntable” either. We don’t like swirling winds and we hate ground that can’t support food plots. There is nothing “huntable’ about acreage like this kind of acerage and we want no part of it.  Neither should you.

No wonder we reject 90% of the property “deals” that come our way. A property  “deal” is a “no deal” if the property can not produce quality deer hunting. All North Country properties come with “satisfaction guarantee” when it comes to quality deer hunting.
When it comes to buying a deer hunting property, don’t get distracted by the “comparables game”.  Think cost per “huntable acre” and put your trust in North Country Whitetails to give you the most “bucks” for your buck.

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