New book: “A monumental leap into a new era of whitetail knowledge.”

Newark NY July 24, 2013 Neil and Craig Dougherty’s new book promises to revolutionize deer hunting. Brian Murphy, one of the leading whitetail authorities in the nation and CEO of QDMA, is calling this book “a monumental leap into a new era of whitetail knowledge. He referred to the book as “the next frontier in the QDM movement.

Whitetails: From Ground to Gun picks up where the Dougherty’s first book, Grow ‘Em Right, left off. It’s one thing to create a great property with big bucks (Grow “EM Right); it is still another to be able to hunt and kill them. Ground to Gun shows how. According to Murphy (Ground to Gun) “provides detailed insight into what makes a great hunting property and how to consistently harvest mature bucks (it)… a clear roadmap for QDM success”.

The book is organized into two parts: Part I “The Land Connection” focuses on the relationship between land and white-tailed deer. It examines how deer use land and how to create outstanding whitetail properties. Part II “Mature Deer and How to Hunt Them”, provides unique insights into mature buck behavior and hunting them. The books12 chapters (272 pages) are packed with information on how to consistently grow, hunt, and take mature bucks in heavily hunted areas. New, breakthrough information on the whitetail rut is a highlight of the book, as well as hundreds of proven tips, tactics, and illuminating photos.  Paperback price $22.50

Neil Dougherty is a professional wildlife manager who has created hundreds of world class whitetail hunting properties. He specialized in small property management and currently has over 300,000 acres under his watchful eye. He and his father Craig write for numerous publications and websites, publish books and DVD’s, appear on TV, and regularly present seminars and give talks. They are both active in QDMA and are well know for their insight into white-tailed deer and their ability to turn ho-hum properties into whitetail bonanzas. Their personal hunting property (Kindred Spirits) in western NY has been visited by thousands with an interest in learning how to create great whitetail hunting.

Craig has been a keen observer of the whitetail hunting industry for almost 40 years. He has seen hunting trends come and go and is convinced we are on the cusp of a new era of whitetail hunting, “We deal with thousands of landowner/hunters each year. The questions have changed from “how do I build a great deer hunting property”  to “now that I have big bucks to hunt, how the heck do I kill them?” That’s what this book is all about, connecting the dots between the land, the deer, and the hunter. This is where deer hunting is headed.”

The authors sum it up this way, “You can’t separate the deer from the land, if you don’t understand land, you can’t understand deer and if you don’t understand deer, you can’t successfully hunt them.  A mature buck is a different breed of cat. You just can’t go out and hunt them; you have to learn them. We wrote this book to connect the dots. We’ve taught thousands of landowners how to hunt mature bucks and have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t”.

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